50 Strong v. 2.0 - Here we go!

by Ashley Thompson August 27, 2018

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Brendan & Ashley Thompson, Co-Founders of 50 Strong

The 50 Strong brand has been a work in progress for almost 5 years now.  Some days, I can't believe that 5 years has passed since we started this adventure and other days I feel like it has been an eternity. 

Today marks the first day of what we are calling "50 Strong v. 2.0."  It's the start of a new direction for the brand that is real, authentic and totally us.  We will be sharing more of the "behind the scenes" of our efforts to continue to grow our brand and, at the same time, trying to live a full, active and meaningful life. 

We all have a number of roles that we fill during our lives.  For Brendan, those include husband, father, son, friend, co-worker, entrepreneur, boss, speaker, engineer, endurance athlete (we will be sharing a lot of his athletic adventures via this blog), and student of life.  For me, I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend, speaker, entrepreneur, marketer, attorney, and, in my mind, a future contestant on Chopped (i.e., I love to cook).  What exactly does that look like when we try to balance those?  Well, to be honest, sometimes it looks like a hot mess!  But that is real life...that is the life of an entrepreneur.

Get OUt. Do more.

Our goal in creating this blog is to inspire you to "Get Out. Do More."  To GET OUT of your comfort zone.  To GET OUT of your head.  To GET OUT of your self imposed limitations.  To DO MORE for others.  To DO MORE things that bring you joy.  To DO MORE to create moments. 

If you dream of being an entrepreneur, we hope our journey provides you with a glimpse of what it's like to build a brand.  Forewarning, it's one heck of a ride...but we wouldn't trade this journey for anything.

Welcome to the new 50 Strong.

-- Ashley 

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Tom Wallerick
Tom Wallerick

August 28, 2018

Ashley and Brendan – thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences 5 years into your adventure! I love your “Get Out. Do More” – especially your explanation of what all that means. I can agree with those goals! Looking forward to reading future entries of this worthwhile blog!

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