Adaptability and the Need to Pivot

by Ashley Thompson April 27, 2020

Adaptability and the Need to Pivot

As a business owner, we’ve had our fair share of bumpy roads along our journey and fully expect there to be more. There’s a resiliency that is built as you press through challenges. 

Entrepreneurship is our thing… bumpy roads happen and resiliency is built regardless of where you are with your life. College crossroads with majors and trying to make the right life decisions. Working professional grinding toward a promotion while weighing the pros and cons of a job change. Anyone in management or position of leadership will tell you the same… they hadn’t gotten where they are without bumps along the way.

There’s a quote from Angus Nelson, executive leadership coach, that says,

“We are all looking at the same mountain but at a different perspective. Give yourself permission to take a step to the left or the right to gain a different viewpoint.”

As we come up against difficult situations we’re allowed to take a moment and acknowledge that yeah, it might just suck a little. But the true sign of resiliency is not allowing yourself to stay in that space. It’s those challenges that we sometimes feel we can’t see a way around, which helps to define who we are and our character.

One thing I know as a business owner is that adaptability and being able to pivot with a moment’s notice is one thing that has truly made all the difference in our success - both personally and professionally. In moments of crisis or uncertainty, the mark of a leader is being able to step outside of the situation, assess and find the opportunity to pivot. To change direction. We define who we want to be, not the circumstances we face. That’s the beauty of free will. We get to choose how we react and we don’t have to see adversity as something to be feared, rather it can be an opportunity to rise to a place that’s going to prepare you for what life is actually preparing for you.

Nelson also dropped another knowledge bomb in the webinar we were listening to…

“When you can see the opportunity in the midst of a crisis - that’s where the magic happens.”

A crisis doesn’t have to be a worldwide pandemic. It could be a vendor you’ve counted on for years, closing its doors. It could be a major client pulling their business. Or even coming to realize you are not happy at your job. These are all moments where you can adapt to the situations presented to you, look into yourself to reassess and find that magic. Pivot. It’s easy to hold onto the familiar, even if we aren’t happy with where we are, but it’s when we let go, that we open our hand to something new. It’s totally uncomfortable. Change just is. But as you work through it, you build confidence, strength and that resilience we mentioned earlier. 

The attitude you have through adversity makes all the difference. Don’t get caught up in the emotion of what you’re facing. It’s easy to play the victim to circumstances, but keeping a positive mindset and staying open to the potential of what this change could bring will indefinitely flip the script. Life is all about adapting and changing and growing and seeing things differently. Take a look back on your path, all those mountains you climbed may now actually seem like tiny little hiccups. So if you’re finding yourself looking at a new mountain, remember that… and take a step back (or to the left and the right) and that clarity to find a new way around will present itself if you’re open to seeing it.

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