Tips to Drink More Water (and LOVE doing it).

by Ashley Thompson January 15, 2019

Tips to Drink More Water (and LOVE doing it).

We can’t say it enough - water is the best thing you can put into your body!  Yet so many of us ignore it or forget about it throughout the day. Oh trust me, we know trying to drink more water every day can seem a bit like a chore, but that's why we are here to help!

Now, I am going to warn you that we aren’t here to tell you all the reasons “why” you should drink more water throughout the day...just do it. End of story…

Kidding, we know the struggle is real when it comes to consuming more water. Not to mention there are all those other tasty beverages trying to sneak their way into your life. Sports drinks and carbonated beverages may sound thirst-quenching, and that occasional fruity cocktail on Saturday night tastes amazing, but these drinks actually dehydrate you and make you more thirsty.

So here are a few Tips to Drink More Water (and Love doing it) Got a thirst for learning?  Then this is the blog for you!

Get yourself a Fancy Water bottle

Water bottles are the perfect way to increase your water intake. For those who are more visual, this is the perfect hack for you. Invest in a fancy, decorative, or even motivational bottle -- preferably one made by 50 Strong ;).  A brand new water bottle can be as exciting as finding a magical unicorn or winning a million dollars … okay, not really, but always having a bottle around actually does help you to drink more water!

Spruce it up

I love water, but I also know that sometimes drinking plain water all day gets kind of boring. It doesn’t have to be boring, let’s make it fun! One of my favorite things to do is is infuse my water with fruit, especially in the summer when fresh fruits are abundant.  Try lemons, strawberries, maybe even some mint. Experiment and find your perfect fruit flavor combo!

Invest in a marked bottle

While it may be easy to say, “drink when you are thirsty,” sometimes that is easier said than done.  There are several ways to track the amount of water you’ve been drinking throughout the day. Want to grab a pen and paper and write down every ounce go for it. Orrrrrr you can invest in a hydration tracker.

Make it a friendly competition

Emphasis on friendly. You can compete with a friend, co-workers or family member in a water challenge. Sometimes forcing yourself to drink more water can feel challenging and even tiring after a while. So we like to have these contests frequently with each other to keep it fun and exciting.

Use an app to remind you to drink more water.

Let’s be honest. When don’t we have our phone on us anymore? The shower? Maybe? My point is there are tons of great hydration tracking apps out in the world that can help you rock out those hydration goals. Here are just a few:

Android Based:

Aqualert: Aqualert is a drinking water tracker and reminder app that helps you create healthy water-drinking habits. With this app, it's easy for you to implement set patterns into your daily life, with a tiny nudge set up by you.

Click here to learn more. Price: Free


Gulps: The Gulps app is a must-have to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Once you set your daily water intake goal, the app will show you how close to that goal you are, via percentage number and the animated filling of a water droplet.

Click here to learn more. Price: Free

Water is super important and if you happen to fall off the wagon it’s okay jump back on. It’s never too late to hydrate.

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