JoyRide Story

Joy Ride Story with 50 Strong

What JoyRide is all about:

JoyRide officially began three years ago after Blair and Katherine Cornell navigated a tough day with their 8-year old son Carter. Carter has special needs and one way Blair was able to calm him was by taking a ride in his car. This triggered an ah-ha moment where Blair realized he might be able to take this idea, grow it, and help other children with special needs. Thus, JoyRide was born.

JoyRide is a non-profit, car club exclusively for children with special needs. During JoyRide events, kids trade the everyday worry of doctor’s visits and medication schedules for a chance to cruise in high-end, one-of-a-kind cars.

JoyRide events aim to put smiles on faces by creating a fun and engaging, inclusive atmosphere for children with special needs. Kids can get an up-close look at the unique cars on display by touching them, sitting in them and even going for rides on closed courses! Along with car rides, JoyRide kids enjoy a chance to make new friends, build a sense of belonging and create a sense of community by bringing families together.

How 50 Strong supports JoyRide:

JoyRide is a non-profit that is very close to our 50 Strong family. Carter, has undergone 36 surgeries to-date and has struggled all his life with health challenges. Blair reached out to 50 Strong to help support his vision of creating an opportunity to make an impact on other children struggling like Carter.

“JoyRide is an awesome car club for special needs kids where they get to be the big shots. They get to ride in these expensive, exotic cars and really be treated like the rockstars they are. Blair had come to us and asked if we could help. He asked if we could design a bottle that he could give to each one of the kids and possibly sell at their events as a way to fundraise for more JoyRides; to help additional kids. Obviously, we were super excited to help.” - Ashley Thompson

“I was the one who got to design the bottles for Blair. I took all of his logos, their slogan and website information to put together renderings of his custom bottles so he was able to choose which one he liked… then we made it happen!” - Mackenzie Ball

50 Strong and Joy Ride partner

How can you help?

We love this mission and if you would like to support JoyRide as well, there are several opportunities to get involved.

  • Visit to make a contribution directly or learn how you can participate in their upcoming events.
  • Visit JoyRide on their social pages and like and share their message to help raise awareness for upcoming events.
  • You can purchase your own JoyRide bottle. All proceeds of the purchase of these bottles will directly benefit JoyRide.