Gratitude - It's Not Just a Thanksgiving Thing

by Ashley Thompson November 16, 2019

Gratitude - It's Not Just a Thanksgiving Thing

What is one of the easiest things to do for someone, yet is often the most overlooked? Telling someone what they mean to us.

Within our families and in our offices, we have been talking a lot about showing and sharing our gratitude. What does that mean, what does that look like? We all seem to have a heightened sense of gratitude around the holiday season, but guess what people… being thankful for what you have and who you have in your life is a 365 thing. We made a list of super simple ways to show gratitude throughout the year, to get you started. 

Also, we know sometimes we just get busy and aren’t mindful of sharing/showing gratitude but this list below and these handy daily gratitude worksheets and printables are a great way to start. Print them out and leave the checklists on your nightstand to stay focused on the positive. Sneak one of the printables into your husband’s wallet, leave one in your friend’s car or tucked away in your kiddo’s lunchbox. We guarantee smiles.

Gratitude made easy:

  1. Easy peasy - Say Thank You
  2. Give a compliment
  3. Send a card - it’s nice to see something other than bills in our mailboxes
  4. Leave a note in your kid’s lunchbox
  5. Do the dishes
  6. Be present
  7. Listen
  8. Over tip your waiter
  9. Buy a coffee for your co-workers
  10. Smile
  11. Each morning tell your child one reason why you are thankful for them
  12. Instead of a gift make a donation in someone’s name to their favorite charity
  13. Take on the dirty work - what is one thing your spouse hates to do, then do it
  14. Put someone on blast… but for the best reasons! Share why you think they’re amazing
  15. Randomly tell your child why he/she makes you proud
  16. Buy your co-worker lunch
  17. Grab a box of diapers and wipes for a new mom you know
  18. Send flowers to a neighbor
  19. Share a ‘thinking of you’ note to a friend you may not have chatted with in a while
  20. Write a love letter - use the love language your person would appreciate: funny, mushy, or even a little snarky
  21. Share your talents to help someone else
  22. Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger
  23. Volunteer your time
  24. Pop in to see your grandparents - they miss you
  25. Share what you have… something you may not use but someone else may need, clothing your kiddos may have outgrown, etc.
  26. If you see something that makes you think of your friend or family member share with them why that made you smile
  27. Send an appreciation email to a different co-worker each week
  28. Tell your boss what you appreciate about them… sometimes we forget about the big guy or gal down the hall
  29. Give a small personalized gift to your friend every once in a while, just to show you are thinking of them
  30. Hug your partner a little longer than normal
  31. Do something tangible for your cubical buddy - tackle a few of their phone calls or cross a task of their list for them
  32. Call your mom
  33. Visit or chat with your friend and don’t talk about yourself
  34. Go to lunch or dinner and put your phone away - undivided attention is awesome
  35. Start a bedtime routine with your family sharing one thing that made them grateful for the day
  36. Encourage your child to pick someone to do something nice for each week - play with a new kid on the playground, read stories to their brother/sister, draw pictures for their grandparents - easy simple things they can take ownership of
  37. Plan a girls trip/boys trip with your mom/dad
  38. Go on a day date with your kids individually - spending time with them one-on-one
  39. Celebrate your child’s accomplishments for the day - maybe she brought home a B instead of C on a math test (we know you want an A, but a win is a win), maybe he only played 3 minutes of a basketball game but tell him how awesome he was rather than being quick to offer “constructive criticisms” 
  40. Meditate - could be 5 minutes in the car before you walk into work or 30 minutes of quiet before bed. Reflect on those things which make you grateful.
  41. Like and share your friends’/family’s social posts - I know it sounds like a duh-thing to do, but we’re in a digital world and sometimes that little “like” means you are keeping a connection to them
  42. Pick one person each month and list out traits that you like about them and just share it with them. It could be in an email, text, or card
  43. If you’re at work and see a mess, clean it up
  44. Teach someone something new - what’s one thing you’re really good at then walk someone through how to do that thing
  45. Encourage someone to step outside their comfort zone if you know they’re really going to succeed moving forward
  46. When someone challenges you, resist the urge to tell them they’re wrong. Thank them for their point of view.
  47. Pray for someone
  48. Drop them a positive Yelp review
  49. Be a calm presence if someone needs to vent or work through a problem
  50. Sometimes listening and not offering a suggested solution is all a friend might need
  51. Bring dinner to a family member or friend “just because”
  52. Give your partner a “love tap” on the butt before they walk out the door
  53. If your kids are bus riders or walk to school, find a day to drive them/pick them up and take that time to talk about their day
  54. Teach your children about giving to others during the holidays - it’s not all about what they’re going to find under their tree
  55. Show yourself a little gratitude - give yourself a break the next time you look in the mirror, we’re our own worst critics
  56. Make time to do something you’re passionate about
  57. Clean out your wife’s car
  58. Call your dad - this legit happen in my 20s, I called my dad just to chat and the first thing he said when he answered the phone was “are you okay,” followed by “do you need me to get your mom.” My “ah-ha” moment flashed very obviously that I needed to talk to my dad a little more often. 
  59. Mow your neighbor’s yard
  60. Make time - visit with family, volunteer with a non-profit, take your mom to church, call your friend rather than text, sit with your spouse or partner and just catch up, lay in bed with your child and read or talk about their day

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